• Lego modular #sectional 7pc Set In Pumpkin,White or Grey all 100% Italian leather

    $3,995.95 $3,599.95

    Lego 7pc Set In Pumpkin

    J&M is proud to present the Lego Set, our newest addition to our sofa modular collection.Due to its flexibility and versatility, the Lego Collection is a perfect choice no matter the size and shape of the room. 
    The Lego features finished sides & is fully modular. This set can be ordered in a 6 or 7 piece combination which allows you to create your own customized combinations. From L-shapes of two- and three-seat sectional sofas with ottoman that can be used as a chaise lounge. The lego can be customized to fit your exact layout. 

    Arm less: 28" L x 37" D x 33" H
    Corner: 37" L x 37" D x 33" H
    Ottoman: 28" L x 28" D x 18" H
    Seat Height: 18"H
    Seat Depth:  22"H