• ALPINE LIVING ROOM Sofa bed by Empire furniture

    $899.00 $699.95

    Empire Furniture USA was established to serve high quality product, and value-based prices for US based customers. At Empire Furniture USA we have a long history of great product being delivered with great service. Empire Furniture USA is just another proof of our commitment to quality service and product.

    In this century, most of the people who are living in Metro cities or in small living units don't have sufficient space for huge, long sofas. So they need a regular sofa or couch, as well as they need a bed and extra storage units for daily use. Buying all these three needs at the same time may not be easy or affordable when needed.

    Buying Empire Furniture USA sofa is a perfect solution for small rooms in houses, studio type of houses, apartments, condominiums, finished basements used daily bases or kids rooms. It is a sofa, an extra bed and a hidden storage ergonomically convertible. All these benefits coming with 3 features available on every sofa beds and are supplied on an affordable price level to consumers.Dimensions: 

    Sofa Size: Alpine Brown Leatherette sofabed series.

    Alpine sofa bed features underneath storage and nice upholstery grade fabric.

    Contemporary Sofa Bed 
    Alpine Collection by Empire Furniture USA
    Solid Construction
    Dark Upholstery
    Spatial Storage Underneath
    Easily converts into bed


    • Sofa L87" x D33" x H33" (W44" x D75")